True crypto is freedom for the Internet and the World. Here, no one, no single company or person dictates what, how and when you can publish or share, takes money for your content, sells private data and does not manipulate your choices. Freedom offers a million possible paths, but also thousands of problems and needed solutions. You need tools to solve or avoid threats and problems, you need a directory with links to all these great crypto tools, created with an unfettered wealth of diversity. This is Web3. This is the mission of Crypotlinkbase.

Please donate this mission with SATS with Lightning: virtualtile08@walletofsatoshi.com

Decentralized Blockchain technology ensures not only independence but also complete transparency and immutability of data. Beware, however, of those who take advantage of ignorance and, driven by the lust for profit, sell their false credentials of cryptocurrency ownership. For this you need knowledge and direct access to the core of cryptocurrencies - blockchain. Crypto takes more.



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