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The top NFTs on OpenSea, ranked by volume, floor price and other statistics.

OpenSea NFT Trading History

OpenSea NFT Trading History - what is hot, what is going now

CryptoSlam! NFT

NFT Tracker&Analysis tool. NFT Collection Rankings by Sales Volume, Blockchains by NFT Sales Volume, Global Indexes by Sales Volume,Top Fan Tokens by Sales Volume,Top NFT Collectible Sales. 24h/7/30days/alltime.

NFT Stats

NFT analysis site and NFT Rarity Explorer. List of: "Today's Top NFT Collections", New, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days. Info about Trades #, Volume, Floor Price. "NFT Stats is one of the leading sites to discover the latest trends about the fast growing NFT market. We provide insights, charts and news about the crypto markets."


Analytical tool for Ethereum and Solana NFT's related social activity. Ranking of best NFT influencers. Additionally list of upcoming and recent mints. Collection metrics: Tweets with NFT, Ranking, Unique PFPs, Top Community Members lists by: Followed most by the community, Highest reach, Largest following. Profile Flow - Visualize how Twitter profile pictures are moving.


NFT real time analytics portal. Discover: Trending collections by sales in real-time, Hot Mints, Top Collections, Whale Signals, New Collections, Drops. Analytics: Market Overview, Marketplaces, Leaderboard, Top Sales. Products: NFTGo NFT API, NFTGo Twitter Extension, Discord Bot, NFT GoWidgets for websites. From site: "Discover, analyze, and trade NFTs faster and smarter than anyone else, aided by in-depth analytics and intelligent toolkits."

NFT Annual Report 2023

187 pages PDF "This year, we will continue to deliver comprehensive data analysis and interpretation to our users. We will dissect upcoming trends. We will use data to help our community discover market patterns. 2023 may be a challenging year for all sectors. Once the winter is over and the bubble has subsided, what can we expect?"